28 May

Here’s how to get your “friendcation” right!

They say that friends who travel together stay together. But is it really true that travel is better with friends? What about the saying: It’s not where you go, it’s whom you travel with? Each of these sayings makes a valid point. In the end, it comes down to choosing the right travel buddies for the right vacation in the right location.

Friendcations are a big theme in the travel industry right now. (Don’t you love these creative portmanteau words!) What is a friendcation? Quite simply, it’s a holiday taken with friends– all male, all female or mixed; all single, all couples, a mix of the two; or even multiple families.

Going on holiday with these particular friends for the first time? Assuming you’d like everyone to stay friends – and that should be a priority! – you’ll want to do group travel the right way. Here’s our guide on planning a stress-free and no-drama getaway.


  • Get the group right!

Group dynamics are key. Obviously, the better the group gets along the more enjoyable the trip will be. If you’re the one putting together a group of people who don’t all know each other well, be mindful of potential clashes of interests and personalities. There should be no pressure! Make it clear that it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone to opt-out gracefully. One has the right to say no to a holiday with friends!


  • Agree on the destination together.

Where to go on holiday with friends is a big question. Ideally, make a list of the requirements of each individual and then look for a destination that ticks the most boxes.

Choose somewhere that offers a range of activities and facilities that best meets their
interests. For example, don’t go for a busy city break if your already burnt-out friends just need to chill. Likewise, a diving or skiing trip may not be to everyone’s taste. Fortunately, just about everyone loves a tropical island getaway!

  • Be clear on the budget upfront

Money – especially hidden or unforeseen costs – can be the biggest stressor when holidaying with friends. Find a destination that suits everyone’s budget and time frame. Bear in mind that a resort where the rate includes all your food, and activities means no
unwelcome surprises.

Plan activities in advance.

If you’ve chosen a resort like Bawah, it’s a good idea to plan your itinerary in advance so that everyone gets to do what they want to do. Spa sessions may have to be prebooked, for example. And while some of you are blissing out on the massage table, the others might be up for an afternoon of sailing or a spot of beach volleyball.


  • Avoid holiday fallouts.

Be flexible, relaxed, and empathetic. Keep everyone in a happy frame of mind by making sure you all get plenty of good sleep – tiredness may lead to grumpiness and disputes!


  • Set social media ground rules.


Agree on a few points of social media etiquette. It’s just possible that not everyone wants to
be tagged and posted across the metaverse! Interestingly, #girlstrip on Instagram has a staggering 5.5 million posts, while #boystrip only 151,000…


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