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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Africa!

A memorable honeymoon should show shared taste and be personalized rather than clichéd. And this is the holiday that people will most likely ask you about. Here are a few of the most thrilling and daring honeymoon spots in Africa that come to mind.


  1. Tanzania

The Serengeti National Park provides the stage for Africa’s famous Great Wildebeest Migration, but Tanzania is also a country of big cats, massive elephant herds and thriving chimpanzee-filled rainforests. And with Zanzibar and its Crusoesque Indian Ocean islands like Pemba and Mnemba within easy reach, it’s the perfect ‘bush-and-beach’ African honeymoon destination.

Once on safari, you can look forward to expertly guided game drives and there’s usually an opportunity to go hot-air ballooning. If you stay in private game reserves, you can also add walking safaris, night drives, off-road game viewing, and even mountain biking to your list of Africa honeymoon activities.


  1. Namibia



This friendly and easy-travelling country has excellent wildlife viewing in Etosha National Park, but its best African honeymoon destination has to be the Namib Desert.


During Namibia’s dry season between June and October, the Namib is a mesmerising land of silent, primal beauty and night skies spilling over with stars. A visit to the famous Sossusvlei dunes – towering hundreds of feet above you – is a must-do activity. You can walk up a dune to greet the rising sun or take a hot-air balloon flight for a birds-eye view. You’ll also explore the desert with expert local guides, on the lookout for unique wildlife in a surprisingly rich and diverse environment.


  1. Seychelles

The Seychelles will have idyllic beaches, warm, clean water, and a massage for two. The Seychelles are a scattering of islands in the Indian Ocean, some larger than a city block and some barely larger. They have a well-deserved reputation for romance and have equatorial weather.


Almost every water sport you can imagine is on the list of things to do, but there’s also hiking and mountain biking. Privately owned North Island is the most famous place to stay when looking for accommodations. The lone lodging on the island, North Island Lodge, guarantees a stay of shameless but gentle indulgence. This sliver of granite covered in jungle is a favourite African honeymoon location for royalty and rock stars.

  1. Victoria Falls


It makes sense that the Zambian name for Victoria Falls translates to “the Smoke that Thunders” given the Zambezi River’s mile-wide chasm. It is a place that is equally well-known for its romantic sunset river cruises and helicopter rides as it is for its high-risk activities like river rafting and bungee jumping.


  1. Botswana

Visit Botswana and take a safari to experience the wildlife there as it existed during the time of the first European explorers: there are tens of thousands of elephants there, along with big cats, wild dogs, and rivers teeming with crocodiles and hippopotamuses.


The primary objective of a safari in Botswana is game drives. You will go hunting for big game in the early morning and late afternoon, then come back to camp with a spotlight to find nocturnal animals out on the prowl. Many lodges are located on rivers or in the Okavango Delta’s wetland wildness, allowing you to travel there by mokoro and motorboat (traditional canoe).

Some camps only have three or four suites, making them extremely secluded and perfect for an African honeymoon.

  1. Mozambique


For your honeymoon in Africa, are you looking for a remote beach getaway with lots of romantic amenities and favourable weather? Give the Quirimbas Archipelago a shot. The Quirimbas, a group of coral islands off the coast of tropical Mozambique in the Indian Ocean, seldom experience temperatures below 24°C (75°F), and the water there can reach 30°C (86°F) when it is at its warmest.

The Quirimbas is an obvious choice for scuba divers and fans of water sports because a large portion of the archipelago is preserved as a marine park, but you don’t have to get your feet wet to enjoy the Quirimbas. This location is also a popular choice for beachside massages and dhow sailing sunset cruises. Elegant, private lodges are sparsely scattered over the islands as accommodations.

  1. South Africa


It is difficult to believe you’re in the same country when visiting the Rainbow Nation’s vineyards, semi-deserts, and savannahs. South Africa is one of the top honeymoon places in Africa because of its extreme diversity.

Fine food, wine, cheese, and chocolate sampling are among the more sedentary Cape Winelands attractions in lovely Cape Town. While on a South African honeymoon, we advise staying at Franschhoek. This charming town, which is surrounded by jagged mountains, is in the Cape Winelands and is known as South Africa’s gastronomic capital.

Game drives are the primary safari activity in the Kruger.


  1. Zimbabwe


Although Victoria Falls may seem like the natural choice for a honeymoon in Zimbabwe, the country is also home to safari locations that are equally romantic but have a bit more adventure.


The top of our list is Lake Kariba, the largest man-made lake in the world, where a few hotels are located on the untamed lakeshores and provide opportunities for both land-based and aquatic wildlife viewing, as well as walking safaris and interactions with the local population. It is a pristine scene of savannah, open water, and far-off mountains, with some of Africa’s greatest sunsets.

Visit Mana Pools National Park on your honeymoon in Africa for a more conventional safari experience. The quantity of water in the rugged and stunning Mana Pools draws creatures like elephants, buffalo, and lions.


  1. Kenya

The Masai Mara in Kenya, which served as the inspiration for Hollywood’s romance “Out of Africa,” is a place where red-clad Maasai people live among sunlit savannahs and thundering herds of plains game.


Why not follow the “Out of Africa” theme through to its logical conclusion? You can even have a picnic for two in the exact location where the movie was filmed at the luxury safari resort known as Angama Mara. The ideal experience for your African honeymoon! As the Wildebeest Migration enters its most dramatic phase, the notorious river crossings, Angama is also conveniently situated for viewing it.


  1. Mauritius

In the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a tropical playground surrounded by coral reefs, white sand beaches, and quiet, clear water. For many years, South Africans have made it one of their top choices for their honeymoons.

Along the island’s coastline, there are numerous top-notch resorts with huge pools, an abundance of water activities, and shady sun loungers close to the water. The beauty of a honeymoon in Mauritius is that it’s simple and stress-free because everything is conveniently close at hand. The service at these resorts is good, the amenities excellent, and all tastes are catered for.


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