11 Aug

Virtual Events Blueprint and Checklist

It is our job as event architects to be ahead of what is evolving technology wise in the event space currently. Take a look at our handy checklist to cross check yourself for things to take into account for your next Virtual Event. BEFORE THE EVENT Start...

Virtual Online Events | Solutions Group | Event Management Company
2 Jul


VIRTUAL MEETING ETIQUETTE POINTERS Some good points and reminders written by Koos Louw – K-Lo for your future Zoominars/webinars/online meetings. Dressing up, etiquette, manners and all those things we may need to be aware of in this online time. Professionalism during virtual meetings is a...

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14 Oct

8 Tips for amazing sleep in a hotel

Good morning sunshine! 1. Use the blackout curtains Science has proven over and over again that sleeping in a light environment disturbs your ‘body clock.’ The absence of light indicates to your body that it’s time to rest, so make full use of those incredible blackout curtains that...

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26 Sep

Easy Countries to visit with a South African passport

Planning an incentive for your staff - consider these amazing countries. Republic of Ireland A great all-rounder and the land of leprechauns, legends and Guinness, Ireland may very well be the only Western European country South African passport holders can visit without a visa. Turkey The only city in...