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As an events company, we have had the opportunity to plan and take part in several taste events. The top 5 tasting experiences to have around the world in 2023 include wine and cheese tastings, food festivals, and culinary excursions. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

To summarize, the world cuisine scene will be dynamic and diverse for the rest of 2023. There is something for everyone, from plant-based cuisines and fusion cuisines to local and sustainable foods and handcrafted products. These top food trends are worth keeping an eye on, whether you’re a foodie or simply seeking for better, more sustainable eating options.



  • Wine Tasting in Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, which lies in the southwest of France, has more than 6,000 vineyards and makes some of the finest wines in the world.

You can enjoy a tour of the vineyards, see how wine is made, and savour red, white, and dessert wine tastings.

We advise traveling between June and September when the weather is pleasant, and the vineyards are bursting with activity in order to make the most of your trip.


  • Cheese Tasting in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is renowned for its beautiful scenery, delectable cuisine, and, of course, its cheese. Tuscany produces some of the most flavourful and authentic Italian cheeses, from Pecorino to Parmigiano-Reggiano.

In Tuscany, a cheese tasting experience includes not only sampling several cheeses but also learning about the history of the area and the craft of cheesemaking. We advise traveling between May and September when the weather is ideal for touring the area and the cheese is at its most flavourful.




  • Culinary Tour in Barcelona, Spain

A culinary tour of Barcelona is a wonderful way to sample the city’s culinary wonders because it is a food lover’s heaven.

Barcelona’s food is a combination of Spanish, Catalan, and Mediterranean tastes, and includes everything from tapas to paella and everything in between.

Barcelona’s markets are explored, local fare is sampled, and the history and culture of the area are all learned on a gourmet trip.

We advise going between September and November because the weather is nice and there are fewer tourists around.


  • Whiskey Tasting in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the place to go if you want to sample the whiskey that makes Ireland so well-known.

Dublin’s vibrant pub scene, history, and tradition of whiskey-making are all explored during a whiskey tasting session, which includes tasting various Irish whiskeys.

We suggest traveling during the lovely summer months of May through September, when the city is teeming with activity.


  • Food Festival in Bangkok, Thailand

You shouldn’t miss a food festival in Bangkok because the city is known for its thriving street food culture.

The Bangkok Street Food Festival is the most well-known of the city’s several food festivals, which are held throughout the year.

The festival brings together some of the top street food sellers in the area, and you can sample everything from sour dumplings to spicily flavoured noodles.

We advise visiting during this period to take advantage of the festival’s bustling atmosphere since it typically takes place in April.



These are the top 5 tasting activities to try around the world in 2023, to sum up. Each encounter provides a special chance to learn about the people, places, and food of the area. These experiences should thus be at the top of your vacation wish list if you’re a foodie or a wine enthusiast!

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